Boy Band Project performs at Mark Keppel

The Boy Band Project came to Mark Keppel on Friday, October 3rd and performed at Palm Court during lunch.

The band performed throughout all of lunch. Students and teachers both watched the show. In general, the crowd reacted positively to the band and cheered enthusiastically after each song. After the performance, many students stayed past passing period to get pictures with the band.

The Boy Band Project consists of a five teenage-boys whose musical style is influenced by the likes of Fallout, Ed Sheeran, and even Michael Jackson.  Chance and Colton are the youngest members in the band; they’re 16 years old and come from Long Beach. Aaron is 17 years old and comes from Burbank. Tyler and Jordan both are 18 and originate from Florida. They have yet to release an original song, but have so far released many covers of popular songs like “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith and “Sing” by Ed Sheeran. “Whenever we hear one of us playing something that sounds good, we all come together and see what we can do with it,” says the band. The band met through their manager, who discovered them through the likes of social media sites such as Instagram and Vine. “Most of us have been singing since we were little, except for Tyler, who started singing at 14,” said the band.


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