The Maze Runner receives mixed reviews

The Maze Runner, a film that was released few weeks ago, had positive reviews from critics but failed to interest many Mark Keppel students.

The Maze Runner is based off the novel of the same name by James Dashner. The movie revolves around a boy named Thomas, who is taken up an elevator in what is known as The Box. He reaches the top to where he is met by other male teenagers like him who introduce him to the Glade. They are Gladers, who try to find a way to escape through the only possible route is known as the Maze. As the movie progresses, the viewers are given increasing amounts of knowledge of the circumstances of the film and are left hanging towards the end to entice many to watch the sequel.

The film, having favorable comments from people who actually watched the film, did not have a shocking amount of success like other blockbusters. It mostly likely has to do with the trailer lacking any amount of attention-grabbing scenes and leaves those who saw it with a confused train of thought as to what they watched.

However, those that did watch the film have positive things to say, such as a Hollywood Reporter said it was “consistently engaging”. The cast had strong performances and the movie had a solid approach to it’s setting of a dystopian universe similar to many films we have been seeing recently. If the trailer of The Maze Runner left doubtful thoughts in your mind, it is time to shrug them off and see the movie for what it really is like.


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