New fundraising rules implemented

New fundraising rules creates temporary confusion and stress among clubs that are trying to do fundraisers on campus. The Associated Student Body presented the clubs with new fundraising rules that requires a minute sheet, signed by the club adviser, that needs to be turned in with the club’s official fundraiser form that needs to be approved by ASB. This creates an extra step that each club’s treasurer has to complete within the suggested two weeks period prior to the planned date of the fundraiser.

Last year, the rules didn’t require a minute sheet and only needed the official fundraiser form, which could be picked up from the Business and Activities office, to be turned in. In addition to the minute sheets, advisers this year, were also included in the new fundraising rules. As part of arranging the club fundraiser, advisers must now reserve the location of the fundraiser online if the fundraiser is on campus, using an adviser code.

In addition, advisors need to fill out an online form about the details of the fundraiser to get this advisor code, creating more paperwork for both the club’s advisor and treasurer. These new rules have not been the easiest to adjust to as club’s treasurers start to fill out forms for their individual club’s first few fundraisers. “I was kind of confused,” said Tiffany Lin, treasurer of Interact Club. She started filling out the forms for her club’s first fundraiser of the year. After dealing with last year’s fundraiser forms and becoming accustomed to them, Lin had difficulty adjusting to the new rules. However after the initial shock of the changes, clubs should become more accustomed to the changes.

As the clubs become more used to the rules, things should become much smoother and the confusion and the difficulty surrounding the rules will no longer be a problem.


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