Homecoming Finalist: Desiree Ha

Desiree Ha

To Desiree Ha, Homecoming finalist is nothing more than just a title.
“But I’m very grateful to everyone who voted for me,” said Ha. “It was honestly a great surprise when my name was announced!”
But who exactly is Desiree Ha? Since voting is open to all grades, it is important to know who you are voting for.

To Ha, becoming best friends with Shiva Taghdis is the most interesting thing that has happened to her at Keppel.
Freshmen often feel scared and intimidated. In Desiree’s experience, this is partially true. When she first met Shiva Taghdis during freshman year, the two of them were the only freshman on the junior varsity volleyball team. After bonding with fellow teammate Shiva Taghdis, the two grew closer and are now the best of friends.

In addition, Ha is an avid athlete, playing basketball, volleyball, softball, track, and also ice skating.
As ASB president, Ha has a specific goal in mind. “I hope to increase the school’s spirit and strengthen the overall relationship between students and the administration by the time I graduate.”


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