Homecoming Finalist: Dylan Urban

Dylan Urban

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Senior Dylan Urban is grateful to be a finalist for Homecoming 2014.

Homecoming finalist means a lot to him as it proved that you can win socially, along with academics. He hopes that he can be an inspiration to his younger classmates, who can take a glimpse of what could be them in the upcoming future. Dylan hopes to accomplish goals that he had set for himself back in freshman year. Academically and socially, he feels like he has accomplished these goals and is proud to be able to graduate as an Aztec warrior.

Dylan has many memorable moments of going to Keppel. His most memorable memory is being given the opportunity to fight alongside the Aztec Warriors throughout different groups such as All Male and Mark Keppel’s Elite Football Team. The commitment levels were extremely interesting as well as motivating.

There are a lot of things about Dylan Urban, but one thing most people do not know about Dylan is that he is always there to help those in need. Urban said “Whether it’s a close friend or a new acquaintance, I treat everyone I know as family, and I will do my very best to keep that family happy.”

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