Homecoming Finalist: Geri Gloria

Geri Gloria

Asst. Sports Editor

Geri Gloria is surprised to be nominated for homecoming. Gloria says, “It means a lot. I honestly wasn’t expecting anything like this to ever happen. I really didn’t know that I would get finalist for homecoming.”

Her plan for the future is to be able to graduate from high school. She says, “All I want to do is to make my parents happy and proud of their daughter.”

Gloria has had a typical high school experience, with many ups and downs. Her most memorable moment was when she was inducted into the International Thespian Honor Society. She says, “I remember going through the process of becoming a member of the honor society and everything about it in general is fun and entertaining. I found it really interesting on how everyone was so competitive to get a specific role for the school’s spring musical. The competition among the students is really intense. Sometimes a person would cry if they didn’t get the role they wanted.”

Gloria in her free time likes staying at home and being comfy in my bed rather than going out and being around others. She says, “I’m more of the stay at home type of person than having to go out all the time.”

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