Aztec football team experiences setback

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The Mark Keppel varsity football team lost 0-56 to the Bell Gardens Lancers last Friday, October 10, causing their Almont League record to drop to 0-2.
Though the Aztec defense forced several turnovers, they were unable to limit the Lancers’ offense while not scoring any points of their own.

Varsity coach, Coach Sepulveda, stated that after watching the game he was “very disappointed” in the team’s performance against Bell Gardens. He continued, “We know we are better than our last performance and we are eager to redeem ourselves.” Senior and captain Isac Pizana, the team’s right guard and nose tackle, said “I thought it was a terrible game. Players seemed to be scared, and our defense was not showing up.”
Although the players did not play as well as they wanted to, Sepulveda and Pizana said that their strengths are that they “are more of a family compared to the other teams and are the hardest workers” and “our strength is our team unity, and team pride,” respectively.

Varsity senior Georgina Abuede said that she thought that they lost the game against Bell Garden because “after some point, we were worried. Some of the players gave up. Sometimes we have trouble working together and we need to be more of a team.”

The Aztecs plan to improve by their next game. Coach Sepulveda says that he will have the team “train harder,” and that their intention is to grow from game to game. “We will always strive to improve.”

Despite their performance, the team has shown improvement from previous years, winning a preseason game against Workman High. The Aztecs are looking to improve from this performance in their upcoming game against Montebello on October 17.

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