ASB holds Homecoming, “Escape to Neverland”

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Keppel’s 2014 Homecoming Dance was on Oct. 24 at Keppel’s Palm Courts. ASB presented this year’s theme “Escape to Neverland” to help promote the Theatre Co.’s spring play, Peter Pan.

This year’s Homecoming King and Queen were Julian Chan and Karen Ip. They have been a couple since middle school and are still growing strong. Senior Julian Chan says, ” Winning this title made me feel nonchalant, but it was the highlight of my senior year.” Senior Karen Ip feels shocked because she still can’t believe that it happened.

With only comparing money profit, Homecoming 2014 was a much bigger success compared to last year’s dance. ASB sold $3690 in tickets, and earned a net profit of $3090 after deductions from set up fees. However, there were some cons. Senior Diana Tran said,”The dance floor was too bright, so it was awkward to dance.” Despite this, there was a bigger dance floor that allowed more students to dance.

Homecoming dance chair and senior Tammi Matsukiyo said, “Some parts were good, and some parts were not so good. We had a lot of people attending which was good, but we had some issues with music because we didn’t have a DJ” There was no DJ for this year’s dance because ASB was unaware that the district required a new contract with the DJ.

Many people who attended the dance complained that the dance was not as good in comparison to last year’s. Since it is the last homecoming for seniors, many of them were disappointed. Senior Marcus Rodriguez said, “Last year’s dance was better because there was an actual DJ.” Hopefully, next year’s seniors will be satisfied with their last homecoming dance.

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