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Occasionally, students and faculty members may have witnessed instances where their eyes were tricked and saw rat-like creatures the size of a cat, but it is actually a huge rat. Rodents have been residing at Mark Keppel ever since the the school was established. Many teachers and staff have experienced several encounters with these creatures. A custodian who wishes to remain anonymous has admitted to seeing 5-6 rats since working at Keppel. In the past, rats were very common at the school. Nowadays however, rats are not as much of a problem as they were previously.

Principal Cisneros states, “We have always had a pest control company [Dewey Pest control, located in Pasadena] come because we have open fields. We probably have within the last year gotten four rats.”

Another method used to catch the rodents is through the use of cats. Culinary Arts teacher, Mrs. Bradford, who has had plenty of experience with rodents states, “We used to have lots of domesticated cats around campus… I think having the cats here helps to control the number of rats on school grounds but the cats also bring fleas and waste which is an issue.”

Even with cats and pest control, there are still rats scurrying around  campus. The only logical reason why rats are still around is food. Food is often left around the hallways and staircases, which attracts the rodents.

To fix this problem, freshman Kenneth Cordora believes, “We could tell everyone to clean up so we do not have more infestations. We could also clean the sewers because the rats could climb up from there. We could also find the source from where they are coming from and destroy their den.”

While the rats may be tough to evict, everyone can take the first step to expelling these rodents and creating a more sterile environment at Keppel by cleaning up after themselves.

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