Seniors excited for Grad Night 2015

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Mark Keppel’s PTSA has started selling tickets for Grad Night. This year, Grad Nite will take place at Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventures as the majority of the class’ vote of 350 ruled over the other option, Six Flags.

On Thursday, October 16, seniors immediately rushed to the ticket line right at the beginning of lunch to purchase their tickets. Tickets were sold quite quickly at the price of $100 and will continue to be sold during lunch or after school until the limited 370 tickets are sold out. As of October 28, there are 19 tickets remaining. Additional tickets will be ordered if more students would like to attend. It is not definite, though, as Disneyland’s tickets are always in demand and sell out frequently.

Transportation will be provided to and from the trip. Students will get a ride to Disneyland after graduation at around 1 P.M. They will get to spend time at Disneyland and then California Adventures starting at 10 P.M. where they will be able to have the rest of the night until 2 A.M. No one will be allowed to leave the parks, even if it is to go to Downtown Disney.

Senior class president Akirah Limthaveemongkol said, “The PTSA worked really hard with us this year.” The grad night committee, Julia Chan, Grace Woo, Debbie Takenaka, and Christine Hum, and the officers of PTSA have put in a lot of effort to put this event all together for the ever-so-thankful graduating class of 2015.

Senior Whitney Hung said, “I’m really excited about going to Disneyland and spending time with my classmates for the very last time before going off to college.” Grad night will be an important and memorable event to seniors. Senior Henry Chau included, “Grad Night shows seniors how close we are with everyone for the past four hard years. It would be a time where we’re going to enjoy our last moments together. I’m going to miss everyone.”

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