Headed in the right direction

One Direction released their fourth album titled “Four” on November 17, selling more than 387,000 albums the first week.

The album is titled “Four” because it’s the fourth year the band was in establishment. In addition, this is also their fourth album released. The album features the singles, “Steal my Girl” and “Night Changes.” “Four” was the number one on the Billboard 200 charts and topped charts on iTunes. Sophomore, Cristina Gonzales who has been to quite a few One Direction concerts says, “It’s hard to choose which songs are my favorite, but if I had to choose, I would pick ‘Night Changes’ just because I always hear it on the radio.”

“Four” is a special album because the members contributed and helped write a majority of the songs in this album. The song on this album mark a milestone for the band as it shows the maturity and growth of the band. Their voices in this album have ripened and their album contains a great deal of emotional and heartfelt lyrics. Senior Rudymarie Garcia, who has been a fan of One Direction since 2012, says, “From this album, I can see how much One Direction has grown and I love that so much.”

A review of the album on MetaCritic.com said, “Four is hard to dislike: it’s cheery, uplifting, high spirited and good fun.” This album has also received much publicity from many other famous artists such as  Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, and John Legend.



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