New coaches hired at Keppel

Recently, the Mark Keppel athletic department has hired new coaches for our sport teams. As of now, these include Mr. Macedo for the baseball team, Mr. Chan as a coach for both the boys’ and girl’s water polo team, Mr. Shahin for the girls’ soccer team, Ms. Duong for the badminton team, Mr. Zuniga for cross country, and returning coach, Mr. Gastelum, for the wrestling team. However, the softball team is still in the process of hiring a coach. Athletic Director Mr. Trieu, said, “Our main goal is to find quality coaches to support the kids. We want coaches that will stay multiple years to maintain stability and be able to help the students develop in their sport, as well as academics.”

It is important to know that the process of hiring a coach here at Keppel is not an easy task. To clarify, the athletic department posts flyers for positions on websites to spread the word. They also contact athletic directors from other school districts for recommendations. When a coach is interested for a coaching position, he or she must go through a process of submitting paperwork, partaking in interviews, passing a lifescan and an FBI background check, and have a certification of first aid in CPR and concussions.

Furthermore, coaches only receive payment for working during the season in which their season takes place. During the off-season, a coach volunteers his or her own time in order to help the team practice. Junior soccer mid-fielder Stephanie Ureña said, “I have a lot of respect for Mr. Shahin. He’s well-informed about the sport, and I am very thankful and appreciative that he comes out to help our team.”

Ultimately, our athletic department is hardworking in the effort to support our Keppel athletes.


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