Bribery ineffective against teachers

Winter break has always been synonymous with students giving teachers presents. Students give presents to their teachers right before winter break as a way of saying thank you, and also as a Christmas present. However, it seems too convenient that the start of winter break is also the end of the first semester, causing many believing that the act is meant to be an incentive and a bribe to the teacher to round your grade at the end of semester. But if a student intends to give gifts with the intent to bribe their teacher, they may find that it is not as effective.

Of course, there are going to be students who hope their teacher will be enticed by their gift and raise their grade, some teachers may think otherwise.

“If they [students] want to do it [give presents to help their grade], they can give all they want, but its still not going to work.,” says Mrs. Ortega. “I have had students come up to me and be upfront about it, saying ‘If I give you this will you round up my grade?’ I tell them no, but they are welcome to give me all the presents they want.”

On the other hand, there are students who give genuine gifts of kindness.

Senior Alma Hernandez agrees with this comment, saying “students have been giving their teachers presents for a very long time, so I don’t see any reason as to  why students would only give their teachers presents as a way to boost their grade”.

While student may want to think that  giving your teacher a present before winter break is a free pass to a better grade, there are many who oppose this idea.

Ms. Ortega adds, “Honestly, I don’t see the presents given to me as ways to help their grade.  I think that students for the most part are very genuine”.

Teachers are to grade a student based on the performance during the semester, not the present you gave him/her two days before finals. So while students think that presents are the solution to their grades, know that this is almost always never the case. Rethink your plan for better grades at the end of the semester because presents are out of the question.


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