Shae Laliberte: “I just really hope I do a good job and make sure that the audience has a good time watching our show.”

Junior Shae Laliberte is this year's stage manager.
Junior Shae Laliberte is this year’s stage manager. Photo by Darwin Tse.

Q:How is this year’s production process of Peter Pan different from last year’s spring musical Beauty and the Beast?
A:This production is different from Beauty and the Beast in that we actually get to fly people. Not only is that frightening, but it’s also really cool since this is the first time we’ve ever done something like that before. I also feel like we have more rehearsals with this play. There’s also more set pieces than Beauty and the Beast. Last year, we had the castle that stayed in place. This year, nothing is stationary.

Q:What are you in charge of as a stage manager?
A: As stage manager, I am in charge of the technical crew. I call all the cues of the show, such as when lights should come on and when set pieces should come on and off the stage.

Q: How else are you involved in the musical behind the scenes?
A: My role as stage manager is to tell everyone when things should come on or off the stage. I also help out Ms. Phillips and Mr. Gillette with anything they need.

Q: Did you have any challenges and difficulties during rehearsals?
A: Every rehearsal is different from the last. Some rehearsals go smoothly and others not so much. For example, we have this huge ship and it’s a struggle to try to move and mask it.

Q: How much time do you put into directing and managing the musical?
A: Well, I started coming to rehearsals after winter break so I’ve been here for much longer than the actual tech crew.

Q: How has being stage manager of this production changed you as a person?
A: I feel like being stage manager changed me to become more responsible. It also taught me how to juggle my extracurriculars and school work.

Q: What do you look forward to the most on opening night?
A: On opening night I look forward to making sure that I do a good job at making this show run smoothly. It’s my first time being a stage manager. I just really hope I do a good job and make sure that the audience has a good time watching our show.


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