Athlete’s Profile: Amanda Chiu


Carefree, independent, and an idealist are words that senior and varsity volleyball player Amanda Chiu would use to describe herself. Chiu has been playing for the volleyball team for four years now, this being her fourth year.

The normal practice schedule is from August to November for three hours, as well as conditioning that has been done during summer training. Amanda has participated in club volleyball for one year; now she occasionally plays at volleyball open gyms.

Chiu’s teammates play a vital part in her high school volleyball career. They help her stay motivated to play at the level that is needed on a varsity team.

“If I’m not able to keep up with them on the court, then I can’t be able to play alongside them,” said Chiu. Members in the volleyball program are also considered to be strong supporters for Amanda- all of them helping her improve and succeed.

On game days Amanda has her own way of keeping herself in focus, even if, at times, it doesn’t come easily. She keeps a close watch on her technique, quickly adjusting her movement whenever the balls misses its target spot.

“I try my best in practice to adjust to the ball and stay focused because my technique isn’t the greatest,” Chiu stated. Since volleyball is very technical, it’s important to be able to adapt to different movements.

Outside of school and volleyball, Chiu seeks to further improve her skills in music and also indulge on her favorite foods. After high school, she plans to further her education and, when there’s enough time, to play volleyball recreationally. But for now, she would like to accomplish her goals of winning matches and working hard.


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