Varsity football shows improvement, holds own against Sierra Vista Dons

The Aztecs defend against the Don’s offense. THE AZTEC/RODOLFO ARIAS
The Aztecs defend against the Don’s offense. THE AZTEC/RODOLFO ARIAS

On Friday, September 11th, the Mark Keppel Aztecs played the Sierra Vista Dons at home and suffered a defeat of 28-52, putting them at a record of 0-3 for the off season. Although the Aztecs were defeated, they showed much improvement in their play.

The game started with a touchdown and successful run for the Dons within the first minute of the game, putting the Aztecs down 0-8. The Aztecs countered with a 30 yard run on their very first down, but a series of incomplete passes from the Aztecs and strong offense from the Dons caused the Dons to get their second touch down in the middle of the first quarter, putting the score to 0-16.

As the first quarter came to a close, the Aztecs managed to make a touchdown and get a successful run, putting the score at 8-16. The Dons quickly counter with their own touchdown, putting the score at 8-22 at the end of the first quarter.

The second quarter of the game proved to be better for the Aztecs, starting with strong offensive plays and high morale despite the score difference. The Aztecs con- tinued to push, not allowing the Dons to score at all. At the end of the quarter, the Aztecs manage to make a touch- down and manage to even get a steal in the last 7 seconds of the quarter, ending the quarter at a close 16-22.

The third quarter started with an impressive 45 yard run for the Aztecs, putting them at the 20 yard line and then subsequently at the 5 yard line. Although the Aztecs made a failed pass and get pushed back to the 11 yard line, a flag on the play pushed the Aztecs right back up to the 5 yard line and primes them for a touchdown on the fourth down, tying the score at 22- 22 within the first two minutes of the quarter. After this initial explosion of momentum, the Aztecs failed to hold off against the Dons, leading to two consecutive touchdowns and a score of 22-38 by the end of the third quarter.

The final quarter started with a bad snap by the Aztecs causing the Dons to gain possession at the 5 yard line and leading to a quick touchdown, widening the lead even more at 22-45. The Dons managed to keep their momentum against the Aztecs and did not let up despite the Aztecs best efforts and an impressive 30 yard touchdown pass, putting the final score at 28-52.

Although the team did not win this game, they have been working and practicing hard. Senior Jonathan Cobos said, “We have a lot more team practices now. We watch films to help improve our plays and to learn from them.” Cobos’s hopes for the team to go far this year, and hope to make it to CIF.


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