Homecoming Finalist: Mariah Puente

Senior Mariah Puente. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE
Senior Mariah Puente. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE


Senior Mariah Puente is extremely honored about being a homecoming finalist this year. Although Puente was shocked initially about being nominated, becoming a finalist makes her feel very happy. She said, “It felt really amazing especially to share this experience with someone so special to me, my boyfriend Jose.”

Being a senior, Puente hopes to remain close to the friends she made throughout high school and make her parents proud by graduating with good grades. Puente is a three year member on the Varsity cheer team and being a part of the team is one of her most meaningful high school moments.

“ One of my most memorable moments was joining cheer,” said Puente. I really found myself in doing cheer, it’s something that makes me really happy.” She also enjoys going out with friends and family.

Looking back on all her years in high school Puente believes that she has, “changed from freshman year because I’m not as gullible as I used to be.” ” Her advice to underclassmen would be not to listen to what people think and to be to appreciate the little things and live life.

“We all get stressed out with school, but just relax and hang out with friends, spend time with family, visit new places, get involved in school, and enjoy your life while you can because you are only young once, and each year we are getting older,” said Puente. “Take advantage of the time you have, high school is some of the best years.”

She says that when she graduates she will miss performing her cheers during the games and she will miss hanging out with her friends at lunch in Ms. Castro’s room.
Puente would like to give a shout out to her cheer sisters and her boyfriend and fellow homecoming finalist, Jose Lara.


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