Homecoming Finalist: Bryant Chow

Senior Bryant Chow. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE
Senior Bryant Chow. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE

Senior Bryant Chow says it feels amazing to be a homecoming finalist. He is really happy to be nominated and is excited to see who wins. Back in freshman year, he didn’t think about senior year homecoming but knew that his “14 year old self would have been psyched to know that he has a chance of being in court.”

Bryant is currently on the school’s basketball team and the digital media club. He also hopes “my team and I do well this season for basketball.” Chow’s most memorable moment of high school would be the long days and nights spent playing basketball. He is very proud to have stuck with it all four years and not letting people change the person he wanted to be. One thing most people don’t know about Bryant is that “bugs really freak me out, especially spiders.”

Bryant’s advice for underclassmen is to “stay humble, since you guys have entered a new environment, don’t let that get into your head.” He also adds, “Make good friends. they’ll be the ones who are really there for you when you need them, and make some memories while you’re at it.”

Looking back his time at Keppel, Bryant is going to miss all the good times and memories he had with his friends because he knows that “in the future I won’t be as close to all of them as I am now.” In addition, he will miss playing basketball everyday. For his last year at Keppel, Chow hopes to meet new people and make more friends. “I’ve definitely matured a lot in the past 4 years,” says Bryant, “High school was a whole lot of fun and games but I can see how much I have grown and learned.”

He would like to give shoutouts to the “hawmies”, the basketball team, and his girl Dianne.


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