Homecoming Finalist: Melanie Tram

Senior Melanie Tram. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE
Senior Melanie Tram. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE

Senior Melanie Tram was very surprised about being nominated as one of this year’s homecoming finalists. As a freshman, she says she wouldn’t have seen herself standing onstage in the middle of Palm Court; however, since then, she feels that she’s become more mature, saying, “[I’ve] become more social.. and I’ve met new people, and I found who I [really] am.”

Currently, Melanie is involved in CSF, NHS, and Senior Committee, is a member of the swim team, and is the Committee Head for the Assistance Committee in Math Club. As this is her last year at Keppel, she hopes to get straight A’s and get accepted into UCI, her dream school. One thing that she will miss about Keppel is spending her lunch hours with her friends, talking about “anything and everything and just laughing.” Melanie’s advice to underclassmen is to focus on school and “get those grades, because they’re very important for college. Make sure you start volunteering, because it looks good on college apps, and look for board positions [in clubs].”

Melanie would like to give a shoutout to Jessica Ly, Sally Tu, Leilani Chu, Erin Park, Stanley Yu, and “all my homies.”


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