Homecoming Finalist: Tiffany Wong

Senior Tiffany Wong. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE
Senior Tiffany Wong. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE


Senior Tiffany Wong did not think that she would become a homecoming finalist. She described the overall experience as “very surprising and surreal.” As a freshman, she did not think this far into the future, much less envisioning herself in a black dress, standing on the Palm Court stage next to her Homecoming partner, Brian Yeo. Since then, Wong believes that she has “gotten much more mature and more focused on school.”

At Keppel, Wong is most proud of her part in Color Guard, especially when the team won all four categories at the Peninsula Holiday Parade of Lights. Keppel placed first for banner, color guard, drum major, and band. Even though Wong is not a captain of the team this year, she still intends to perform her best and contribute all she can.

Beyond school, Wong described her involvement with an outside volunteer organization called Chinatown Youth Center. She has fond memories of one particular event in this past summer, when she was able to volunteer at the Special Olympics. As a volunteer, she was able to access the tennis and volleyball stadiums. Wong said, “It really amazed me how dedicated the athletes were despite their disabilities. It really made me realize that I shouldn’t take my life for granted because there will always be people who won’t have the same privileges I have.”

Looking back at her high school experience, she would to advise lower classmen to “focus on school and do the best you can because it will pay off one day.” However, Wong also notes that students should “also remember to have fun once in a while. No one wants to leave high school with regrets.” On the subject of her homecoming date, Wong said that “I just want people to see how smart and funny this guy really is. He’s super talented and I know he has a bright future ahead of him.” Finally, Wong would like to give a shout out to Color Guard, her friends, and Brian Yeo.


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