Cross country finishes first season with new coach

The Mark Keppel varsity cross country team poses for a group picture. COURTESY OF JANELLE ZAMORA.
The Mark Keppel cross country team poses for a group picture. COURTESY OF JANELLE ZAMORA.

With their last race on November 6th, Mark Keppel’s Cross Country team brings the season to a close. They’ve been training hard for the past few months and have put their effort into the races at the best of their ability. In their first race at the end of September, both the boys’ and girls’varsity and junior varsity didn’t end up placing well. However, the boys and girls frosh teams placed in second and third, respectively.

Senior Kyle Tse of the boy’s varsity team said, “We [varsity] improved, but so did the other teams as well so we didn’t place as well as the other teams. We placed quite well in Frosh.” Following the trend with some improvements, their second race on October 21st placed them in 4th for boys varsity, 5th for girls varsity, 2nd for boys frosh and 3rd for girls frosh, all out of 6 schools. “We are all really scared and nervous but we know we can finish with a good time,” said Captain Janelle Zamora before a race.

With the last and most recent race of the season on November 6th, Boys and Girls Varsity in addition to Girls frosh both ended up 4th, about the same as compared to the previous race. Boys frosh again placed 2nd, a good finish to end off the season. “We barely missed CIF but we still did fine overall,” says Tse.

Cross Country has had an improved season this year, and as Coach Justiniano states, “my frosh boys got second place, and the best part is they improved their time and all the teams improved their ranks from past years where they always finished last. “Everyone improved their times and that’s great,” adds Tse.


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