Band and color guard perform at 33rd annual Tri-City Field Show

Band marches around the field at the San Gabriel High School track. COURTESY OF FINA LEE
Band marches around the field at the San Gabriel High School track. COURTESY OF FINA LEE
Keppel’s band and color guard performed in the 33rd annual Tri-City Field Show on Wednesday, November 18 from 7-9 p.m. at the San Gabriel High School football field.
According to band director Dr. Bartlett, Tri-City is a tradition of “friendly rivalry” where the bands of the three schools in the district are able to hear each other perform, make friends, and have a chance to play with the bands of the other schools. Middle school students from Temple Elementary School and Garvey Elementary School also performed with the high school students.
This year, band performed songs from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack, music chosen by Dr. Bartlett. Each of the schools chose their own music to perform but collaborated in three songs at the conclusion of the show. One song was chosen by each of the high schools, including “All About that Bass” chosen by Keppel, “Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag” chosen by San Gabriel, and “Superstition” chosen by Alhambra. Choreography for band’s performance was done by Mr. Castro, the band director at Schurr High School.
Concerning the overall Tri-City performance by band, Dr. Barlett said, “I thought the students did so well. I thought it was one of the best shows we’ve ever done. They really worked very hard on the music and the music was not easy.”
Band’s preparations for Tri-City began early in the year. Music was given to the students to learn in June during band camp, and marching practice began in August. Band learns the choreography for each of the sets for the show through studying dots marked on a paper in relation to the lines on the field.
“The section leaders [and] the drum major are really an important part of that [learning the sets], because they basically help everybody find their parts” said Dr. Bartlett.
Color guard performed alongside band with routines choreographed through contributions of the entire team. Color guard co-captain senior Poching Lao said, “I think our Color Guard’s performance was very different from the other teams. Especially with Alhambra’s team, they had rifles and was more a winter guard team.”
According to color guard captain Keila Osugi, her team’s preparations for the Tri-City performance began at the end of the first quarter.
“I just want to thank the students for working so hard,” said Dr. Bartlett. “We were out there when it was so hot, when it was raining, when it was windy and cold, and they didn’t complain.”

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