Girls soccer successful against Alhambra Moors

Freshman Noelle Frasher (16) dribbles the soccer ball down the field.
Freshman Noelle Frasher (16) dribbles the soccer ball down the field.

In girls soccer, the Keppel Lady Aztecs won their game on January 12 against the Alhambra Moors with a score of 1-0.

After a few near misses on both sides, the Lady Aztecs and Moors were tied at halftime. However, moments into the second half, Stephanie managed to score, giving the lady Aztecs the lead. The Lady Aztecs successfully maintained their lead until the finishing whistle.

Coach Steve Shahin, who has about ten years of coaching experience across a wide age group, called for the team to emphasis defense after scoring. He stated that “Physically, we [the team] are in good shape; mentally, I think we still have a step or two to go.” Coach Shahin believes that success only comes with dedication and concentration. “We keep talking about having confidence as a player,” he said. “Confidence sometimes come from being focused and playing smart.” Coach Shahin strives to help the team improve its skills, and invites the student body to attend soccer games. He trusts that the audience would be entertained and impressed by the plays, athletes, and talent at the games.

Junior Tatiana Garnett is one of the two captains, along with Senior Kara Chuang. Beyond her performance on the field as a center mid player, Garnett also provides her team with leadership. With confidence in the abilities of her team, she said, “we [the team] all love soccer, we all play hard, and so they [the teammates] make it a lot easier to captain over.” During games, Garnett values the communication between teammates to coordinate movements and plays. Ultimately, she is proud of her teammates’ commitment and hard work, hop- ing to break into California Interscholastic Federa- tion.


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