Kara Chuang: “I don’t have to be anybody but myself on stage.”

Kara Chuang will be playing the role of Penny Pingleton. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE
Kara Chuang will be playing the role of Penny Pingleton. THE AZTEC/DARWIN TSE

Q: How do you relate to your character in general?
A:  Penny thinks very out-of-the-box, and she always tries to see a different side of things. I feel like sometimes I’m like that, not always, but I like to think outside the box, be more creative, and not do what everybody else is doing.

Q: How do you manage school work and rehearsals?
A: This year isn’t too bad. I try to get as much work done during the day as possible. After rehearsals, I do whatever I have left.

Q: If you could be any other character in the play, who would you be and why?
A: I would be Velma. I think playing the mean character would be very fun. I’ve never play a mean antagonist character so I think that would be fun.

Q: How does your role as Peter Pan last year compare to your role as Penny this year?
A: They’re both very high-energy. Peter was definitely more demanding, like I had a lot more lines to memorize. I like playing the role as Penny, it’s really fun.

Q: What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?
A: The hardest part is about grounding myself and knowing the difference between making it big versus keeping it real.

Q: What’s going to surprise people about this play?
A: They’re going to be very surprised at the people and the cast. We have a very diverse cast this year. We have people who come from football, and then Ms.Bradley, and we also have someone from Alhambra High. They would be like “wow I didn’t know these people could be in the cast.”

Q: Who inspires you to become a better actress?
A: This is going to be very cliche but obviously Ms. Phillips. She always expects us to be the best that we can be. I want to take a load off her shoulder by knowing what I’m doing rather than having her yell at me and be more frustrated than she already is. If I have better techniques or play moments better, the other actors can feed off of it too and maybe it’ll change the way they do something.

Q: Do you think you’ve matured since you first acted? How?
A: Oh yes! I watch my videos from freshmen year and I cringe.

Q: Why do you enjoy acting?
A: I don’t have to be anybody but myself on stage. In real life, I run around like I gotta be a Girl Scout, gotta be a soccer player, this and this. But, when I’m onstage it’s like I have full control of myself.

Q: How many performances have you done at Keppel?
A:  I’ve been in every show since my freshmen year, except Leading Ladies. That’s like four or five performances.

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