Exit Game: Who knew trying to exit would be so much fun

The available missions for customers. Each room has a unique theme and varies in difficulty. COURTESY OF THE EXIT GAME.
The available missions for customers. Each room has a unique theme and varies in difficulty. COURTESY OF THE EXIT GAME.

The Exit Game is located in Monterey Park, at 111 N Atlantic Blvd #148, Monterey Park, CA 91754 on the lowest floor of the Atlantic Shopping Plaza behind the escalator. It is certainly a one of a kind thing in the city of Monterey Park – a team and thinking oriented activity in which you are given a time limit to escape from a room. Although some may find $28 a game per person a bit pricey, it is definitely worth it.

The Exit Game was a lot more fun than I expected it to be. I was hesitant on what it would be like – I was mainly concerned that the game itself would be scary or frightening for me. I can guarantee that it is not scary at all. The staff was very friendly and helpful, extremely easy to talk to. We played with only two people, but they recommend going in larger groups, preferably a minimum of six people. Throughout the hour that we were given to figure out our way to escape the room, there were many fun and challenging moments to be had. Hints are available every ten minutes to guarantee that you won’t remain stuck completely, but in order to make it into the hall of fame only one hint can be used.

We made the escape with barely 3 minutes to spare, using a total of 3 hints. It is a great way to interact and spend time with friends – and in my case my boyfriend – working together to successfully escape the room. The Exit Game is a great way to dive into enter another world and genuinely feel like you are part of that world. Every room is designed to be completely unique and highly intricate – you won’t find any glaring design flaws at all. It is very well put together and professionally designed. I was surprised how real it felt to go through the game.

Don’t let the somewhat pricey entry fee deter you from this activity; it should definitely be something that everyone should try to experience at least once. With a wizard-inspired exhibit opening in late May/early June complete with a whole multitude of puzzles that we can’t quite reveal, there is an ever growing incentive to try out this amazing and unique opportunity.

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