Dashner publishes second prequel to The Maze Runner


The Fever Code by James Dashner was released Tuesday, September 27, as a prequel to The Maze Runner trilogy, which tells a story of a boy named Thomas who wakes up at a mysterious place surrounded by a humongous maze, but he only remembers his name. The Fever Code follows the life of Thomas before the Maze as a member of WICKED the organization responsible for his situation.

For anyfan of The Maze Runner, this book is a must read. The Fever Code reveals answers to mysteries the trilogy never addressed. Readers will learn more about the history of WICKED, interesting information on a few key characters, and the development and preparation of the Maze Trials. Overall, this book brought more light into the controversial situation presented in the whole story: is WICKED actually good?

However, to those reading simply because they want to see more of the Gladers, be warned. The Fever Code still revolves around Thomas’s point of view. While Teresa plays a prominent role, other characters remain as background.

From the moment readers recognize a beloved character in the prologue to the jaw-dropping plot twist at the end, fans of the original trilogy will be hooked on revisiting Dashner’s world for one more time before The Death Cure hits theaters in 2018.

Aurora Zeng
Focus Editor at The Aztec
Focus Editor At The Aztec

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