The growing popularity of Hawaiian poke bowls


One of the diverse amounts of different cuisines popping up in Southern California that has caught the attention of many people is poke.

Poke is a type of customizable raw, cubed fish dish originating from Hawaii. “Poke has become a very popular dish in the SoCal area where people would pick their base of rice or salad, choose their proteins [like fish], sauce, and toppings,” says senior Vicky Chan, who is a worker at Okie-Poke .

Poke dishes consist of low calorie healthy ingredients that provides a high amount of protein. “Customers come in, look at the menu, and order down a line step-by-step,” says Charles Park, worker at Pokestuf on Main Street in Alhambra. “They can choose from a variance of assortments, different greens, flavorings, and toppings.”

What makes poke different than other types of Hawaiian dishes is that they are cut in cubes and marinated in a variety of sauces. Sauces ranging from non-spicy to spicy helps provide customers with satisfaction. The relaxed atmosphere and modern decor play a major part in the popularity of local Poke restaurants.

Many Poke eateries also offer dishes for people who do not enjoy raw fish. “Customers can choose the cooked garlic shrimp…or just get a plain salad without any fish [which is cheaper in price],” says Park. Some locations even offer a burrito option which can be wrapped in either Nori (seaweed) or soy paper.

For some newcomers out there, Chan recommends the salmon and tuna with unagi (eel) on top of any base of your choice. One can get deliciousness, affordability, and great service in some of these Poke restaurants.

Maple Duong
Co-Editor-In-Chief At The Aztec

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