Mark Keppel holds third annual Dance Off

Keppel All Male performs during Dance Off. JAMIE CHAU/THE AZTECS
Keppel All Male performs during Dance Off. JAMIE CHAU/THE AZTECS

Keppel held its third annual Dance Off, a student choreography show, on Thursday, November 10th, at 6 P.M.

With a total of sixteen group performances and one solo, students performed previously prepared choreographies with bright smiles. The show was opened with a performance from Keppel Dance Team and ended with Keppel All Male.

The audience was quite responsive. Spectator Lisa Avila said, “I thought the performances were decent. They were good but I think the dancers were nervous because they didn’t know their routines very well.”

The Dance Off was concluded with a raffle and distribution of trophies. Winners of the raffle, Kaleigh Hill, Vicki Cui, Yinghui Wang, Yihan Xu, Adriana Ho, Annabella Wu, Kelly Aoieong, and Jessica Ni. Trophies went to “Blackouts” for Best Showmanship, “I’ve Missed You” for Most Diverse Choreography, “Jing Hong Dance” for Most Creative Costume, “Let Her Go” for Most Innovative Choreography, and “We’re Bringing Sexy Back” for Best Technique.

The prizes and awards were sponsored by Miss Dance Drill Team USA Nationals and Pageant, MDDT Six Flags Magic Mountain Classic, Costco, and Starbucks. Additional support was given by Brenda Caspary Crawford, MKHS NDHAS, National Dance Education Organization, and the Keppel Dance Company Boosters.  

The host, Keppel dance director Mr. Arroyo, said that there were “the most students ever” to participate. Kayla Hang, who was part of the Chicken Nuggets performance, said, “Performing was very nerve wrecking! I had a lot of fun though, and I’m very proud of my group.”

Jamie Chau
Historian/Copy Editor At The Aztec

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