Winter pep rally showcases sport teams and various performances

Band performs during winter pep rally. KENNETH LIU/THE AZTECS
Band performs during winter pep rally. KENNETH LIU/THE AZTECS

As winter comes, all the pep teams of Mark Keppel perform outside of Palm Court during lunch. This year, the rally was for the winter sports, such as girls’ water polo, girls’ basketball, boys’ basketball, soccer, and wrestling.

Performances included cheer, colorguard, and drill. For the first time, band also performed two songs. The holiday spirit rang among students, as the songs were all Christmas-themed. The drill team co-captain Kayla Hang said, “Today was really fun! The performances were really cute and it really brought in the Christmas spirit. For this rally, we had only a month to prepare so we didn’t have a lot of time. We tried to learn the routines as quickly as possible and began cleaning the routine right away.”

Ashley Sambo, a sophomore in color guard said, “It was really fun performing today because we added many cute moves into our choreography. But preparing for this rally was really pressuring for everyone because we had less than a week to learn/choreograph it and get it all cleaned up.”

A new cheer member Anabella Wu talked about her experience and said, “Preparing for the rally took a long time because we wanted to make sure people would enjoy it. I like performing for the school.” Despite all the cramming of the practicing, the routines all seemed to fall into place.

As many students gather around during lunch, it is a great opportunity for them to see their friends and peers perform. Both the pep teams and ASB members work hard in order to make the pep rally’s enjoyable. With finals coming up soon, the winter pep rally was perfect for getting into the holiday spirit.


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