Keppel poets get lit in schoolwide Poetry Slam

For two consecutive days after-school, Keppel students recited poetry out loud in the auditorium for SNAP’s (Speak Now Aztec Poets) Poetry Slam, which began on January 5th. Each competitor delivered two poems: a classic poem followed by a response poem written by themselves.

Dana Gil (12), Melody Trinh (9), Elise Sandoval (9),  Eric Xue (10), Katie Montoya (10), and Aye Win (9) emerged as the top 6 poets out of the 20 that performed. The performances were judged by English teachers Ms. Arzate, Ms. Sutton, and several AUSD Alumni poets.

Topics ranged from dealing with parental pressures to confronting one’s sexuality. “It’s a coping mechanism for everyone,” says club president Dana Gil (who spoke of disorders). “Poetry is something you have to write from the heart,” says sophomore Timothy Kwok (heartbreak),  “it’s something you feel… it comes from your emotions.”

By April, six of SNAP’s best poets will compete at Get Lit’s ‘Classic Slam’ at Downtown Los Angeles. “I’m confident in not only my ability, but the ability of the other winners. They’re exceptional writers, and I feel like we’re just gonna click,” says Dana Gil, “for lack of a better phrase… I’m out for blood.”

Evan Cheng
A&E/Features Editor At The Aztec

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