Winter arrives along with annual fundraiser festival

Dance team sells pizza at Winterfest. THE AZTECS/JAMIE CHAU
Dance team sells pizza at Winterfest. THE AZTECS/JAMIE CHAU

On Friday, January 13th, Mark Keppel held the annual event where school clubs raised funds by selling food to customers, known as Winterfest. This event started at 6 P.M. and ended at 10 P.M. There were clubs such as Operation Smile, Humans of Mark Keppel, UNICEF, and more that sold a variety of food for people to snack on.

The foods sold in Winterfest were cookies, brownies, clam chowders, sliders, bacon-covered hot dogs, T-Pumps, sodas, nachos, etc. The Fluff Ice and Ridges Churros food trucks were also there to support some of Mark Keppel clubs. Fortunately, a lot of the clubs in Winterfest sold out their food including Journalism, Ahssa Teoki Korean Culture Club, and Interact Club. Along with Winterfest, there was a boy’s basketball game going on, which allowed people from Winterfest to watch the game while enjoying their food.

Senior Kimberly Phung said, “Winterfest was really fun because of friends and the food but it was even better with the intense basketball game that was happening.” Although the weather was cold, a lot of the students had fun with their friends and enjoyed great food prepared by the school clubs. Even though, the Winterfest this year had less booths than the one last year, the students still had a lot of fun with one another.


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