Keppel attends the “Olympics of Science” at Occidental College

Keppel Science Olympiad team poses with their awards from the competition.
Keppel Science Olympiad team poses with their awards from the competition.

Mark Keppel High School’s Science Olympiad team attended the Science Olympiad competition on March 4th. The competitions, acknowledged by Science Olympiad themselves as “Olympics of Science”, took place at Occidental College from 7:30 A.M. to 7:30 P.M..

The head of the science department, Ms. Hake, said, “Most kids said they were very scared and fel

t that it was harder than last year.” In addition, senior Jason Xian, the captain of the team, expressed that Keppel lacked resources that other teams had, but managed to pull through by dedicating themselves to finding their own materials to work with.

Sophomore Queenie Xu explained how the team would practice for four hours every Sunday, and then met daily after school to prepare two weeks before the competition. However, both Xu and Ms. Hake says that most of the work was independent study. “They worked their tails off. All of them carried rigorous courses but still managed to pull it off in such a wonder way.” Ms. Hake said.

Middle school and high school competitions were split into Division B and Division C, respectively. Both divisions contained 23 team events each. Out of the 23, Keppel engaged in 10, placing Top 20 in 8 events. In total, Keppel’s Science Olympiad team achieved 6th place or above in ten events, which ranked them 6th in the region, qualifying them for the state competition on April 8th at Cal Tech.

Jamie Chau
Historian/Copy Editor At The Aztec

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