Student guitarists perform at annual Guitar Heroes concert

Mina Tran (12) and Tommy Ho (12) perform Cake by the Ocean. THE AZTEC/JAMIE CHAU

The annual Mark Keppel Guitar Heroes was held on Friday, April 14th. The event was hosted by periods 2 and 6 guitar classes. This was also musical director Mr. Lee’s first guitar show he’s organized since started working at Keppel. The show featured performances from the entire classes and also individual ensemble performances from groups of two to four students.

“What was good about the show was that we had a good, supportive audience…the bad thing was that there were some technical issues [such as] the amp going out,” stated sophomore Paige Nakahara.

Some songs performed include Cake by the Ocean (by DNCE) by seniors Mina Tran and Tommy Ho and Shots (by Imagine Dragons) by sophomores Sherena Tan, Chloe Lee, and junior Kayla Tirado.

“Some of the techniques the performers were using weren’t directly taught by Mr. Lee…and I felt that was an awesome thing to see because [they] finally got to show their [hard work] in a formal setting,” said freshman Brianna Avila.

Performers at the guitar show practiced every day and had one formal run-through rehearsal with the technical theater crew the Wednesday before the show.

Technical stage manager senior Edmond Lin stated that the show was, “sometimes stressful, but was… [ultimately] enjoyable [to be a part of].”

Angela Chen
Assistant Editor-in-Chief at The Aztec

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