Boys Volleyball team enters CIF against the Windward Wildcats

Joseph Lam (11) and Garrett Chung (10) on court during CIF game. KEVIN LIU/THE AZTEC
Joseph Lam (10) and Garrett Chung (6) on court during CIF game. IRIS CHUNG/THE AZTEC

Mark Keppel High School’s Boys Volleyball team played against the Windward Wildcats in the playoff match at Windwards School Tuesday, May 9 as their first CIF game. This was the team’s first CIF game in four years, entering the league after beating Montebello last Friday, May 5.

“[It’s our] first time entering CIF since 2013,” notes senior Ethan Lee. “[It’s been] four years].”

Despite a positive mindset, the Aztecs failed to take the momentum, losing the first set 17-25. In the second set, the Aztecs made a good effort in scoring points with hits and blocks by junior Joseph Lam and sophomore Joey Siu. However, the team’s inconsistency with returning the balls allowed the Wildcats to win the second set 25-14.

Keppel had came close to winning the third set, the match ending as 23-25. New varsity players Garrett Chung and Zachary Norman managed to assist the team to score points and defense, closing the previous point gap. Junior Joseph Lam executed scoring consistent points for Keppel, but the team was unable to close Windward’s one-point lead, losing the third set.

Despite their loss against the Wildcats three sets to none, senior Ethan Lee is nonetheless proud of his achievement.

“[We could have improved] our blocking and defense” says Lee. However, he notes that the players on the team were much more skilled now and coaching has improved dramatically. “The new players are new great assets to the team, [but] they just have a lack of experience.”

Kevin Liu
Assistant Business Manager/Copy Editor At The Aztec

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