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[Top left to right:] Lilian Fong, Yang Lu, Trisha Chan, Scott Wilson, Jacquelyn Mendieta, Derek Ing, Caitlyn Yang (11), Mike Chin [Bottom left to right:] Scott Hara, Shelton Dong (12), Sasitah Limthaveemongkol (12), Sabrina Sy (11), Kaitlyn Luong (11), Tracy Chan, Natalie Foong (12), Emily Castelazo THE AZTEC/ANGELA CHEN

The annual PTSA UC & CSU College Night offered a detailed presentation on public universities in California, with guest speakers ranging from admission officers to Keppel alumni. The event kicked off with CSU admission requirements from CSU Recruitment Special Projects Coordinator Jacquelyn Mendieta, followed by UC admission requirements from Scott Wilson, the UCLA Assistant Director of Admissions. The night proceeded with anecdotes and tips from several Mark Keppel alumni and concluded with a Q&A session.

When asked about the most commonly misunderstood aspect of the UC application, Scott Wilson stated, “One that a lot of students think isn’t important… would be the personal insight questions. I think this is advice I always try to push to students. Really take your time on reporting your grades and test scores, but also think about… how you’ve been involved in [your community and school].”

Jacquelyn Mendita of CSU offered some advice to students undecided on a major, “Be true to yourself. Do volunteer work and listen to your [passions]. [And in the end,] don’t be afraid to change your mind as well. [Colleges] have career advisors and counselors to help you [change your major].”

Cal State Long Beach alumni Trisha Chan also believed that personal interest played a major role in selecting a major, and said, “I think passion defines a lot of what you end up choosing and what allows you to stay in it, because if you don’t have that drive and you’re just doing it for an outside factors, I think you’ll easily crumble.”

The event was the product of the combined efforts of NHS and PTSA. Senior Shelton Dong, NHS Student Chair of UC/CSU College Night explained how the presentation was organized in the summer through joint meetings between the two organizations. Overall, the event was a success, with a larger audience turn-out than previous years, and extra chairs had to be brought in to accommodate attendees that were left standing.

Angela Chen
Assistant Editor-in-Chief at The Aztec

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