Private College Night

[Back row from left to right:] Jeff Huang, Andrew Chou, Jeffrey Jen, Rakin Hall, Natalie Ryan [Middle row from left to right]: Glen Quon, Jason Dhing, Chris Lam, Macy Yu, Denise Tso, Lauren Chin, Joelle Dhing, Jasmine Kolano, Maritsa Negrete [Front row from left to right:] Sabrina Sy, Caitlyn Yang, Eva Zhao, Milton Mak, Scott Hara [Front row from left to right:] Sabrina Sy, Caitlyn Yang, Eva Zhao, Milton Mak, Scott Hara THE AZTEC/ SOPHIE WONG

College application season is here again, and with the continued emphasis on public education, many students neglect private institutions as an option. To help out students, Mark Keppel PTSA held a Private College Night on October 5 in the cafeteria. Glen Quon and PTSA members gave a presentation of WUE and Unique College programs, and representatives from Pomona College, USC, and Claremont McKenna College came to give information regarding the admission process, tuition, majors, and much more.

Competition for admission to private colleges can be stifling. USC Office of Admission Associate Director, Mr. Rakin Hall stated that he values authenticity in potential applicants, “If you’re the type of person who joins one to two things, then I think you’re being true to yourself. If you added a bunch of clubs senior year, that kind of gives me the [impression] that you were probably pushed to do that because [the students] think it looks good to [colleges].”*

Mark Keppel alumni and Pomona College sophomore Jeffrey Jen highlighted a key difference between private and public colleges and said, “Find something you’re really passionate about because private colleges… have less students and applications. They really want to ensure that the people they admit are the people that they want.”* Jen also noted Mark Keppel’s academic rigor prepared him for life in college. As a high school student, he took three AP classes in his junior and senior year, which taught him the work ethic he needed in order to transition to Pomona.

For the application itself, Vice Principal at Claremont McKenna Jeff Huang   advised for students not to “do anything about your application until senior year for any institutions.” “You should think about whether there’s a story to tell in your essay.” said Huang. “Keep a journal and a book that has your best ideas.”*

Organizing Private College Night took about three weeks and was a joint effort between NHS and PTSA. Junior and NHS organizer of the event, Sabrina Sy stated, “There’s a lot of emphasis on UCs and public colleges. We just want to increase interest in the private college admission process and let people know that it is a viable option.”*

*Interviews conducted by SOPHIE WONG

Angela Chen
Assistant Editor-in-Chief at The Aztec
Jamie Chau
Historian/Copy Editor At The Aztec

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