Homecoming 2017 themed “Enchanted Masquerade”

MKHS Associated Student Body Announces Homecoming 2017 “Enchanted Masquerade” VIDEO COURTESY OF THE AZTEC/CALLISTA LIU

ASB annual Homecoming dance, themed “An Enchanted Masquerade,” will be occurring on Saturday, November 4th at the new gym.    

This will be the first year Homecoming will occur on a weekend. The reason behind this decision derives from the fact that many students who attend the Homecoming game on the same day are too exhausted to attend the dance right afterwards. Students in teams such as football, dance, drill, band, cheer, and color guard can attest to this, as they all either perform or play at the Homecoming game.

Senior and ASB Chairman, Alyssa Wong, stated, “ASB has been preparing for Homecoming for awhile now, and this is going to be the first year it’s going to be on a Saturday, so we’re all really excited.” Preparations for the dance began in the beginning of the school year, and ASB members had contributed their ideas for the theme as well as the materials needed.

Ms. Carmona, the ASB Advisor, said, “Because our administrators have so willingly come back to campus [on a weekend] to supervise [the students who did not get to attend before due to] the events at the football stadium, [the students] have a chance to enjoy themselves and relax.”

The cost for senior tickets are 10 dollars with an ASB card and 12 dollars without. Non-senior prices include 12 dollars with an ASB card and 14 dollars without.  All last minute fees are 14 dollars with ASB and 16 dollars without ASB. Masks for the event can be purchased at two dollars each.

Hannah Won

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