Is going to Homecoming alone a big deal?

George Shahin (11) asks Celeste Flores (12) to Homecoming with a rhyming poster. THE AZTEC/NICOLE HERNANDEZ

Homecoming is very important for many high school students because it is often considered as a memorable part of the high school experience. It takes weeks to plan an outfit and arrange a hairstyle—let alone ask someone out.

But what if one does not have a date in mind? Is going alone an option? Having a date is very exciting, but going alone is just as much fun. Junior Kulik Mustafa says “I find it better going alone and having fun with your friends rather than over-worrying and stressing about the perfect night with a special someone.” Going to homecoming without a date should not be a big deal. The homecoming cliché is having a date, but it is relatively common not to have one. Mustafa says “I don’t think it’s a big deal because a lot of people go alone and it isn’t a strange thing because some people like just being around friends and having a good time.”

Some people believe that going to homecoming with someone is an obligation. They feel that going to homecoming should be done the traditional way of having a date. This decision can be fun because you can make memories with someone special. Having a date has more complexities such as who is going to buy the ticket, but it is supposedly more exciting than going with friends for a memorable time.

Going with or without a date depends on one’s point of view. Homecoming is regardless a special night and it should not matter if one is going alone or with a date.

Babyruth Torres

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