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nicoleSenior Nicole Hernandez. THE AZTEC/CALLISTA LIU 

Playing soccer since a young age, senior Nicole Hernandez is identified at school by friends as someone with great potential. As he was once also a soccer player, her dad was her coach for majority of her childhood. “He definitely showed me everything I know now. He’s really helped me, in particular, providing me with tips when needed and building me into the player I am now.”

Hernandez is the captain of the soccer team. During her outdoor career, she states her opinions on how she deals with the losses and how she tries to improve. “If you can improve at least one thing every game then you’re on your way of becoming a better player.

Hernandez has proven to be a strong captain since the status was given to her last year. “As a captain you do see a lot going on in the field, because of that, you can help the team uplift their standards and so forth.” She finds that as a captain, you have to be an effective selfless guide to the people on the team and thus, the group, to have determination and dedication. “As a captain, I am able to guide all the younger girls and show them the better techniques and lead them to playing better games.” Hernandez also expresses the observations she’s made as a leader for the team with the inspiration of past captains. “Before I was given the status, I admired past captains and the way they implemented their own voice on the team and so I want to impact the girls in a way as well.“

Besides her involvement in the soccer team, Hernandez also takes part of many extracurriculars, such as starting her own club on campus, IMPACT, along with being president of the French club and vice president of the Association of Latin American Students.

Girls Soccer had a glimpse of the future this season with a resounding move into CIF last year. Despite the struggle of training the new players and the loss of starters due to the seniors graduating, Hernandez believes that the team does have the capability to get better as time goes on. “I think as a team we need to improve our focus and our touch, we need more control of the ball during games and work on passing, but we do have a lot of potential.”

Off the field, she’s strongly linked with her team; Hernandez called to attention that as a team, everyone has gotten pretty close to one another. “Most of my friends are girls from the soccer team because we’re so close as a team.”

Other than her dad being one her greatest inspirations, she would also like to show her appreciation towards her mom for all the support. “My mom has always come to every one of my games, never missing one. She’s my number one fan through it all.” In addition to giving gratitude, she’d like to give a special thanks to her best friends Alina Shahin and Dillon Garcia, to her team for all the hard-work and persistency, and all her friends.

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