Boys’ Wrestling pinned by loss against Schurr’s Spartans

wrestlingBoth wrestlers struggled to dominate the other before the time limit. THE AZTEC/JASMINE MA

Keppel’s Boys Wrestling team played against the Schurr Spartans on Wednesday, January 24. The junior varsity team won 30-6 against the Spartans, while the varsity team lost 43-76.

During the match, the Aztecs tried their hardest to arm their opponents to the ground until the timer on the clock went off. The intensity of the wrestlers’ strength brought heat to the match as each match was very close. Despite two losses in the matches, the team was able to maintain their momentum as they cheered each other on during every round. All team members brought incredible force and energy to the match as they held the opponent’s head in a lock and pinned their opponents down.

Sophomore AJ Escobar says, “It felt great when I pinned my opponent down during the last few seconds left on the timer.” In preparation for the match, Escobar created a game plan in his head as he tried to figure out how to pull a win for Keppel. Escobar stayed focused the entire time he was in the ring and secured a win with a score of 11-1 in his match. “I was full of energy and was determined to get my [opponent] on his back until the timer ended,” says Escobar.   

Sophomore Ernest Tom was confident that he could secure a win, however after the match he learned that he still needed to improve on certain skills. Tom says, “I was disappointed for my loss. The opponent I was wrestling was really aggressive as I tried to pin him down on the mat. I want to work on having more control on setting up my moves before I go for my opponent.”

The team hopes to continue working hard to prepare for future matches and to qualify for league this year.

Jaslynn Diep
Jasmine Ma

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