Annual career fair links students with their interested professions

Three bank representatives speaks to another booth's presenter about their profession. THE AZTEC NEWS/CALLISTA LIU
Three bank representatives speaks to another booth’s presenter about their profession. THE AZTEC NEWS/CALLISTA LIU

Students gathered inside the Aztec gyms to explore the annual Career Fair on Thursday, February 22, an event that allowed students to explore fields of work and find possible interests in pursuing their own careers in the future. The fair explores many choices in future career options, ranging from branches of the military to creative arts, and even local opportunities in finance or public services. Mock interviews were available for students to experience a professional interviews in a familiar and comfortable environment, along with workshops to help students with writing resumes and online marketing.

Like many students, junior Samuel Wong entered the Career Fair with little on what he wanted to pursue after high school. “I had no idea what to do; I had no motivation. [The Career Fair] helps me,” Wong says. The Career Fair helped Wong gain interest in various fields, including military service or nursing.

Aside from students, various presenters also believe that the fair holds purpose and necessity for both their own fields and in the current generation of millenials.

“In today’s world, money is everything,” says Wells Fargo representative Timothy Ng,  who introduced banking to students, along with his two fellow colleagues. “Especially in the world of finance, jobs like this are something you grow with in life. It teaches what [schools] really don’t teach as much to kids these days.”

Similarly, Bill Yee and his assistant Kate, who represented Yee’s culinary class and the culinary arts field, also share Ng’s thoughts on the fair. “Cooking is a necessary skill people need to know regardless,” says Kate. “Culinary arts is like a gateway for new jobs. It can be easier to ease into, and even helps you learn new jobs later on in life.”

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