Softball hits dirt with defeat, Awaits to avenge with improvement

Girls varsity softball faced the Montebello Oilers Tuesday at an away game. The ending score was 10-0, resulting in a loss for the Lady Aztecs. The girls were able to hold the score 1-0 for the first inning, but let out 4 runs to the Lady Oilers in the both the third and  fourth inning. The last run was scored by the oilers during the sixth inning.

A factor that helped the Lady Aztecs during the first three innings was their ability to make contact with the ball. Their hitting was proficient, though every ball that was hit was fielded by the Oilers resulting in outs for the Lady Aztecs.

Despite their loss, the girls felt that they have improved in some aspects. Junior Faith Alenbaugh says, “Our fielding was strong but we weren’t looking for the extra out.” Along with their fielding, freshman Britney Sandoval pitched incredibly well. Sandoval was able to strike out many of the Lady Oilers, which helped lessen the amount of time the girls had to spend in each inning.

The team also struggles in the amount of players there are available. Sophomore Fiona Zeman says, “A big challenge I think we have is not having enough players. If one of us is sick we don’t have a choice to play even if we’re not our best.”

Now the girls have a sense of how much further they want to go and how much more they want to achieve whether they win or lose. “ We just need to practice what we learn from our mistakes in games and bring that knowledge with us to practice and future games,” said Alenbaugh.

Samantha Hernandez

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