FBLA returns to annual competition

Mark Keppel Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) members competed at the Gold Coast Section Conference at South Pasadena High School on February 9. Competition events were categorized into individual, team, or chapter, and topics included Accounting, Agribusiness, and 3D Animation, among others.

Advisor of FBLA Mr. Heredia, says, “the main expectation [for competition] is to be united and to focus on the objective which is to prepare relentlessly to meet the demands of competing against the twenty other schools…We thrive on our strengths of which we share to strengthen the overall group.”

The FBLA team placed first in sweepstakes for the first time in several years by accumulating more awards than any other school. FBLA members that placed first in their events include seniors Amy Uthenpong and Chelsea Ng and freshman Dara Disapranurat (Global Business), freshman Tiffany Thong (Intro to FBLA), junior Kaylie Chuman (Future Business Leader), sophomore Athene Yu (Accounting II), sophomore Jay Wang (Intro to Public Speaking and Financial Math), sophomore Audrey Jung (Business Law), and sophomore Kathryn Phan (Creed).

FBLA vice president, senior Chelsea Ng, says that competition introduces her to many other ambitious individuals. She says, “it motivates me to become an even better version of myself.”

In agreement, sophomore Derica Tang says,“The biggest thing I learned from my experience at sectionals is to not be afraid to throw yourself out there and push yourself beyond your boundaries.”

Thirty seven FBLA members will advance to the state competition in Sacramento in April. Ng says, “Win or lose…ultimately it comes down to what you learn and if you tried your best.”

Joyce Lee

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