Meet the Staff

2015-2016 Editorial Board

Editors-in-Chief/Focus Editor: Vivian To 

Vivian To


Editor-in-Chief/Asst. A&E/Features Editor: Bonnie Wong



Asst. Editor-in-Chief/Web Editor: Darwin Tse

Darwin Tse


News Editor: Sarah McCormick

Sarah McCormick


Viewpoint Editor: Brian Yeo

Brian Yeo


A&E/Features Editor: Alex Beaumont

Alex Beaumont


Sports Editor: Eric Lam

Eric Lam


Copy Editor/Historian: Brandon Chung

Brandon Chung


Copy Editor: Yang Lu 

Yang Lu


Chief Photographer: Victoria Ramirez

Victoria Ramirez


Business Manager: Karli Cheng

Karli Cheng


Head Cartoonist: Edlyn Wong

Edlyn Wong


Assistant Photographer: Kristin Chingburanakit

Kristin Chingburanikit


Assistant Photographer: Rodolfo Arias

Rodolfo Arias with colorful


Assistant Business Manager: Wesley Zeng

Wesley Zeng


Assistant Cartoonist: Aurora Zeng



Assistant Focus Editor: Angela Chen

Angela Chen


Assistant A&E/Features Editor: Cristina Gonzales

Cristina Gonzales


Assistant. Web Editor: Anita Huang


Assistant Sports Editor: Anthony Jian


Assistant Viewpoint Editor: Eric Tam

eric tam


Assistant News Editor: Sophie Wong

Sophie Wong


Staff Writers


Dianne Do

Dianne Do


Noelle Frasher

noelle frasher


Arodi Garcia

Arodi Garcia


Cole Kim

More staff pics 008


Kevin Kuang



Kenneth Lui

Kenneth Liu


Shanae To



Babyruth Torres

Babyruth Torres

Staff Writers: Dianne Do, Noelle Frasher, Arodi Garcia, Cole Kim, Kenneth Liu, Shanae To, and Babyruth Torres